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Randy Ting

iOS App Developer

I am an iOS app developer always looking for technical challenges to overcome. My specialty lies between mobile apps and smart connected hardware. In my current full-time position, I build apps for companies that push the boundaries of engineering feasibility in order solve some of the biggest consumer problems. I'm an avid proponent for beautiful UX and UI and aim to make the interface experience with smart products intuitive and delightful.

In my past life, I was a formally trained mechanical engineer with enough battle scars to prove I can efficiently create and ship a product with any lean, mean team. Having an ever increasing breadth of product development skills, I'm always looking to work with like-minded people who aren't afraid to switch-hit throughout all the phases of software and hardware development.

My obsession with learning to do everything professionally also bleeds into my personal life, where I attempt to attain expert status in hobbies such as mixology, badminton, and photography. When not developing my professional skills or hobbies, I like to geek out with passionate individuals who have drastically different backgrounds and interests from me.


My professional experience spans many disciplines, but I specialize in the following areas:

Swift + Objective-C

I’ve been hooked on building iOS apps ever since the release of the Swift 2.0 language. Although I’ve been formally trained to write mobile apps using Swift, I’ve written client apps using Objective-C in the past and am skilled in using both languages for different applications. I enjoy learning about new developer tools and programming paradigms, and I’m always up for healthy debates on the merits of test-driven development, singleton abuse, dependency injection, and different architectural patterns for GUI apps.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As I continue to build more apps, I've learned that cloud computing is a necessity for any successful web service. I’ve used Amazon Web Services in the past to host a scalable Ruby on Rails backend for an IoT app. I always strive to grow my knowledge of the ever changing cloud services landscape and remain committed to mastering best practices for building cloud-hosted web apps, the new frontier. I’ve earned my AWS Certified Developer - Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certifications, and I continue to work towards additional credentials.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

I've learned to build scalable web APIs using Ruby on Rails to support the mobile apps that I built. Having experience with both backend web frameworks and mobile app development has enabled me to provide good recommendations for architecture and planning. On past projects, I've used Ruby on Rails to go from zero to mobile app with cloud storage in no time.

Core Bluetooth

Having a hardware background enables me to specialize in using the Core Bluetooth framework to make IoT devices more accessible. I've built apps and SDKs that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with smart hardware. Working as a consultant, I've been able to learn some of the trickier aspects of working with Core Bluetooth like Background Execution, State Preservation and Restoration, and using an iPhone as a BLE peripheral.

Software Portfolio

Heart Hero




Voice Controlled Music Player

BLE Device SDK

3D Visualization App

iPhone Accessory Factory Test App

Prior to Software

Here are some projects I've worked on in the past before I transitioned to being a software engineer.


Verdigris Building Energy Monitoring System

Verdigris Technologies





Here are some of the important milestones of my engineering career:

  • June 2010

    Designed Robots for Police and Military at RoboteX

    After displaying the robot I built at Stanford in my interview, I was ushered in to be the fifth employee of RoboteX, a startup company that makes robots for police and military forces. At RoboteX, I played many different roles including Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Technical Lead over the course of 2.5 years. I was fortunate enough to be involved at this organization during its growth from 5 to 50 employees.

  • March 2011

    Graduated from Stanford University

    While at Stanford, I learned to design embedded systems while building a remote control boat and robot. I graduated in 1.5 years with a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Mechatronics.

  • November 2012

    Transitioned to Engineering Consulting at MindTribe

    Since joining Mindtribe Product Engineering, a product engineering consulting firm, I’ve had the opportunity to design several electrical and mechanical systems for a variety of industrial and consumer electronic devices. When I transitioned to iOS app development, I was the only app developer on staff and led mobile development for a diverse portfolio of projects.

  • November 2015

    Graduated from CodePath iOS Bootcamp

    After 8 weeks of intensive app development training, I graduated with honors from one of the best iOS mobile development bootcamps in the world. CodePath is a program designed to teach existing software engineers the skills to become app developers using their accelerated curriculum. My final project was chosen as one of the top 3 in our class.

  • June 2017

    Built iOS App for Saving Lives

    After hearing about iBeat's mission to empower people to live longer lives, I had to contribute to the cause. I joined iBeat as the first and only dedicated iOS Engineer. Since joining, I've setup infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Testing and re-architected the Heart Hero app for maintainability. I continue work with executive staff to define and add new features to the production app.

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